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Here I am in the cave of my favorite Gigondas producer, Domaine du Cayraon.
Here I am in the cave of my favorite Gigondas producer, Domaine du Cayraon.


Welcome to “In The Wine Cellar with Dave DeSimone.” Being in the cellar to share wine and good times is always better than being on the outside looking in!

At Domaine Schlumberger in Alsace.

I love to share my abiding passions for wine, food and travel. The passion started for me during my youth in Western Pennsylvania. My paternal Italian Aunt Frances made wine in a spotless basement. Winemaking in her prized old barrels relied on “serendipity,” as she quipped.

My maternal grandfather, George, grew up speaking English and French and tended an extensive “potager” garden. Spending countless happy hours working with my hands in the soil taught important lessons. Work leads to enjoying fresh garden bounty paired with delicacies such as Hasenpfeffer Stew, Beef Burgundy and Belgian fruit tarts.

These delicious moments and vivid memories inspire my writing, teaching and travels. Since 1994, I have written over 1,000 columns. I also share my experiences through blogging, social media, radio interviews, escorted tours, and wine events. To pursue my keen interest in terroir-driven wines, I visit with winegrowers frequently to listen, learn and report.

My special interest in French wines led to certification as a French Wine Scholar by the Wine Scholars Guild in Washington, D.C., and I am a member of the Circle of Wine Writers in the United Kingdom. I received training as a wine judge through the American Wine Society, and on several occasions I attended The Symposium for Professional Wine Writers at Meadowood Napa Valley, California.

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